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Educators will gather data on their national curricula, student literacy achievement and the key approaches to literacy education as a platform to guide their national adaptations of the functional approach to literacy learning. At each international meeting consortium partners will report on their national work.

The objective of the second phase is for each of the seven key educators from each cluster to train at least two classroom practitioners of upper primary and junior to middle secondary students to implement the nationally adapted new pedagogy and support them as they progressively trial it in the classroom, drawing on results from the Swedish experience...

A range of data on the classroom implementation will be collected: teacher learning data; classroom observations and teacher reflections; student learning data; observation and student response data, pre and post program analysed writing samples and pre and post national standardised reading comprehension tests.

The classroom implementation will enact the stated aims of each national curriculum in the partner countries through the development of teacher expertise in working with a range of reading and writing texts across the curriculum, via the pedagogy suggested by the functional approach to language and literacy teaching. It will provide evidence to evaluate the efficacy of the pedagogy that will model the process and provide exemplary materials for future exploitation.